Monday, May 29, 2006

Job #1: get a good paid job

Searching for a job has always made me so depressed because I have a sense that I'm just going to end up working for something that results in me feeling miserable. It's not so much that I hate work; I can take pleasure in the most unapealing of jobs (washing dishes, being a cashier, cleaning), but it's the feeling of working for something that I don't believe in that that gets me down so much. I've yet to get a job working for something I believe in, although I put care into every single job I've had. This must change if I am to maintain my sanity. With this in mind, I am doing a call out to the world to help me find a job that is a good fit for me. I'm committed to doing so. It's time to get my priorities straight, so with this in mind...

Job #1: to get a paid job (I've got lots of non-paid jobs already) that meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • is in an IT-related field, especially in a position that challenges my technical knowlege and engages me in figuring out solutions to problems, although I'd accept jobs like data entry and technical support as well
  • involves entertaining, teaching, or caring for others, especially young, elderly, and differently abled people
  • is in a store, restaurant, or processing facility for healthy food (and preferably veg*n)
  • involves talking with people, aside from agressive sales positions. Examples that come to mind are canvasing and table/kiosk demonstrations
  • involves writing. Although I don't have any formal experience in writing-related jobs, I think I'm a decent writer. Particularly, I'd love to get paid to write letters and proposals.
  • that is in the non-profit sector and particularly that is in the public interest. I'd especially like to get a job working towards the ends of Free Culture, food security, or human/environmental health.

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Thank you.....