Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From LiveJournal to Blogger

Today I decided that the LiveJournal community just wasn't really for me. I'm moving from my account bubblyfool to here. I feel my blogging was just starting to get interesting towards the end, so take a peek at those last posts if you will. I appreciate that LiveJournal is very dedicated to Open Source technologies, but the reason why I joined it in the first place was for the social factor, and I'm just not getting what I want out of it. I recently joined a couple of communities on LiveJournal and browsed around a bit more, searching for some interesting content, but it mostly seems to be innane drivel. I think there's a difference between a "blog" and an "online journal" (though it can be fuzzy). Blogs are more like journalistic (as in "the media") endeavours, more objective, wheras journals are more personal and subjective. There's only a couple of LJ users I read. I find that people who are serious about presenting ideas, events, and organizations are more into So here I am. Not just journaling, but BLOGGING ! Next post I'll have to introduce myself....

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Paul Cooley said...

I found this journal post while googling around the internet.

Feel free to disregard if it is of no mind to you. I, the other month, created a little windows tool to migrate livejournal posts into blogger, in case you'd like to keep them all in one location - it is called lj2blogger.

You could read up about it at LinuxLore - lj2blogger released

It maybe a dollar short and a year late, but in case you are interested you are welcome to give it a whirl.