Saturday, October 14, 2006

Project porchlight

Today I signed up to volunteer for Project Porchlight

Project Porchlight is a campaign of One Change, a not-for-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario. The campaign's goal is to bring together business, community groups and volunteers to deliver one free compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) to every household in Canada.

I just moved into this area of town dubbed Dalhousie in September; we live on Elm @ Preston. I told one of my room mate that I thought it would be fun to go door-to-door and hand out some sort of baked goods to our neighbourhood as a gesture of willingness to engage in our local community. I later realized that this wasn't the best approach. People would be too suspicious, and possibly feel like their space was being invaded. Participating in this campaign would allow me to meet my goal of getting to know the neighbourhood a little better in a way that was much more acceptable and understood. Maybe I can still give out cookies along with the bulbs :-)


Justin the Wikinator said...

Considering how little you do to reach out to your existing friends, it seems silly that you would want to reach further out.

Stuart said...

Hey Justin! Let us know how it goes!! (And is that you, commenting on yourself over there?)


Stuart said...

Another Stuart here. The Porchlight guy. Give John-David a call in our office if you haven't already. We can make sure you go foor-to-door with some of our team members -- if you like. John-David can be reached at 613 260-7362.

Thanks for choosing Porchlight over baked goods; you can always bring some to our office!

Stuart Hickox

Stuart said...

D'oh. The Other Stuart is me. My wife posted in my name the other day. Nice. Never share your pin or your blog password with your spouse ...

I've added you to my site. Keep writing!