Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Under the lense

This morning I met with Steve Sharlow to talk about doing some artistic modeling for him. He showed me some of his work, which I really appreciated. We chatted about the intelllectual property rights of the photos and the contract between model and photographer. Basically, Steve would have the copyright for the photos, and I wanted to be assured that photos wouldn't be used in ways other than artistic display and selling without my consent. I was given this assurance, which will take the form of a written contract. A friend who knows this man better than I do told me he was a trustworthy man, and after meeting him I felt assured. If anyone is interested in doing some modeling, let me know. He's looking for "normal people" in the age range 22-65 for the purposes of artistic nude photos.

Modeling pays well, and it's pretty easy work, but even more appealing than that, this is work that is supporting an artist. My interest in doing artistic modeling started in St. Johns. One of the people I was living with out there was doing some modeling for an arts school, which piqued my interest. One day I answered the phone and it was the arts school in desperate need of a model at the last minute, but the model in the house wasn't around, so I offered to fill in for her and recieved acceptance. The job consisted of me in a bathing suit posing in different positions for different lengths of time for people who were sketching with pencil. After it was done, I managed to get photocopies of some of the sketches, which was kind of a neat memento.

I am willing to go to the arts schools in Ottawa and apply as a model, but first I need a portfolio. I thought this was just a collection of photos of myself, but as I found out this morning, it's a little more than just that. There are certain things that they are looking for, and this is something Steve knows lots about. He offered to help me put together a portfolio (which would normally cost a lot of money) pretty much for free, and in return I'm going to help him find some models. I love growning mutually beneficial relationships.

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